Class: (CORBA Package) EAServer 6.3 Help
Description A CORBA package is a collection of C++, Java or PowerScript CORBA components. Usually a package would contain components of only one type. To run in the server it a CORBA package be wrapped as an EJB-JAR (EJB deployment module).

The properties of a CORBA package should be configured using the web console, or by using the Set Properties Task, e.g.

  <project name="corba-MyPackage">
    <target name="configure">
      <setProperties package="MyPackage">
        <property name="" value="2.1"/>
The jaguar-compiler command-line tool is used to generate and deploy the EJB-JAR wrapper for a CORBA package, e.g.
  jaguar-compiler MyPackage

See also: CORBA Component.

Configuration See Set Properties Task.
Files Repository/Instance/com/sybase/jaguar/server/JaguarPackage/*.properties

Property: (EJB Version)
Description Deployment descriptor version for the generated EJB-JAR wrapper.
Default Value 2.0
Legal Values 2.0, 2.1

Property: (Java Package)
Description Name of Java package for generated interfaces (e.g. EJB home and remote interfaces) for the CORBA IDL module whose name matches this package's name. The default Java package mapping for a CORBA IDL module "MyModule" is "MyModule.ejb".

Property: (Required Roles)
Description Comma-separated list of security roles. This is a default value for to be applied to components in this package that don't have their own roles specified.