Class: com.sybase.djc.tds.StoredProcedure (Stored Procedure) EAServer 6.3 Help
Description Definition of an application server stored procedure. Component business methods as if they were database stored procedures can be invoked by clients using the Sybase TDS protocol. This requires the application server to have one or more TDS listeners enabled using jtdsListeners.

The facility for invoking component business methods as stored procedures is known as "Methods As Stored Procedures" (MASP).

Configuration See Set Properties Task.
Properties columnNames, columnTypes, componentMethod
Files Repository/Instance/com/sybase/djc/tds/StoredProcedure/*.properties

Property: columnNames (Column Names)
Description Usually this property would be empty.

A "canned" stored procedure can be defined that returns a predefined, "fixed" result set. This can be useful in responding to "meta-data" queries from client tools that think they are communicating with a real Sybase database.

The columnNames value, if specified, is a comma-separated list of result set column names.

Property: columnTypes (Column Types)
Description If columnNames is non-empty, then this property specifies a comma-separated of the corresponding Transact-SQL types.

Property: componentMethod (Component Method)
Description Fully qualified name of the component method name, e.g. "ejb.components.example.MyCompRemote.myMethod" (using EJB remote interface).