Class: com.sybase.djc.server.HttpContext (HTTP Context) EAServer 6.3 Help
Description An HTTP context permits read access from browser/HTTP clients to the files in a directory and its subdirectories.

Security Note: the only security available with an HTTP context is the dirAllowed property. If additional security (such as authentication and role-based access control) is required, you should deploy the files inside a web application and use security-constraint elements in web.xml to limit access.

See also: httpContexts (Application Server Property).

Configuration See Set Properties Task.
Properties allowedMethods, contextPath, dirAllowed, handlers, redirectWelcome, resourceBase, welcomeFiles
Files Repository/Instance/com/sybase/djc/server/HttpContext/*.properties

Property: allowedMethods (Allowed Methods)
Description A comma separated list of HTTP request methods that are permitted for this context. The default value is 'GET'. The possible values are: GET, POST, HEAD, OPTIONS and TRACE.
Default Value GET

Property: contextPath (Context Path)
Description The context path of the URL that identifies this context. The default value for a context is /. This value must be unique across all http and web application contexts in the server.
Default Value /

Property: dirAllowed (Directory Browsing Allowed)
Description Determines whether the HTTP engine will return a directory listing for URLs that match a directory.
Default Value true
Legal Values false, true

Property: handlers (Handlers)
Description A comma separated list of handlers which will handle the request. Each handler is executed in the sequence specified. Each handler class must either be fully qualified or be a member of the package 'org.mortbay.http.handler'. Each handler must be an instance of org.mortbay.http.handler.AbstractHttpHandler.
Default Value Resource, Default

Property: redirectWelcome (Redirect to Welcome Page)
Description Determines how the http engine will reply to the client when it needs the client to re-request a page that is the welcome page. If this value is true, an HTTP redirect is sent to the client, else an HTTP forward is sent to the client.
Default Value false
Legal Values false, true

Property: resourceBase (Resource Base)
Description The directory where the resource is located on the current file system. The default value is: '%JAGUAR%\html'
Default Value P:\/html

Property: welcomeFiles (Welcome Files)
Description A comma separated list of file names to be used as a welcome file. The default value is: 'welcome.html,index.html,index.htm,index.jsp'.
Default Value welcome.html,index.html,index.htm,index.jsp