Class: com.sybase.djc.server.Cluster (Cluster) EAServer 6.3 Help
Description A collection of servers that support high availability and/or load balancing.
Configuration See Set Properties Task.
Properties clusterID, clusterPrimary, clusterVersion, serverPropertiesNotToSynchronize, servers
Files Repository/Instance/com/sybase/djc/server/Cluster/*.properties

Property: clusterID (Cluster ID)
Description A unique ID for the cluster, in the format of a dotted decimal TCP/IP address, a colon, and a port number (e.g. This unique ID is used in construction of session IDs, and needs to be unique across your network of connected servers that share the same database(s). It does not need to be globally unique. It does not need to refer to a real TCP/IP address. The default value is derived from the iiopListeners property or the httpListeners property for the first server added to the cluster, but the value can be specified explicitly.

Property: clusterPrimary (Primary Server)
Description Required. Specifies which server the cluster should be synchronized from (when using an Export Configuration). This is used to prevent accidental synchronization from the wrong server in a cluster. Usually one server in a cluster is used as a staging area for changes to deployed applications. This server should be designated as the primary server. You can change the primary server at any time.

Property: clusterVersion (Cluster Version)
Description This should be incremented whenever you make a significant change to the cluster configuration, so that when a cluster is synchronized (using an Export Configuration), each member server can keep track of the changes it has received.
Default Value 1

Property: serverPropertiesNotToSynchronize (Server Properties not to synchronize)
Description A comma-separated list of server properties which are not propagated during cluster synchronization.
Default Value httpListeners,iiopListeners,rmiListeners,jtdsListeners,,processID

Property: servers (Servers)
Description A comma-separated list of names of application servers. in the cluster. The cluster primary server must be included in the list. Each application server can belong to only one cluster.