Class: com.sybase.djc.connector.ResourceAdapter (JCA Resource Adapter) EAServer 6.3 Help
Description Defines properties for a JCA (Java Connector Architecture) resource adapter.
Configuration See Set Properties Task.
Properties adminObjects, authenticationMechanisms, reauthenticationSupport, resourceAdapterClass, securityPermissions, transactionSupport
Files Repository/Instance/com/sybase/djc/connector/ResourceAdapter/*.properties

Property: adminObjects (Administered Objects)
Description Specifies a list of the Administered Objects used by this ResourceAdapter.

Property: authenticationMechanisms (Authentication Mechanisms)
Description Specifies a list of the Authentication Mechanisms used by this ResourceAdapter.

Property: config-prop:* (User-defined connection factory specific properties)
Description Any property with the name "config-prop:XXX" is used for initialization of the JavaBean-style property named "XXX" in connection factories and message listeners associated with this resource adapter.

Property: reauthenticationSupport (Reauthentication Support)
Description Specifies whether or not the Resource Adapter implementation supports re-authentication of existing Managed Connection instances.
Default Value false
Legal Values false, true

Property: resourceAdapterClass (Resource Adapter Class)
Description Required. Specifies the fully qualified java class for the ResourceAdapter.

Property: securityPermissions (Security Permissions)
Description Specifies a list of the Security Permissions used by this ResourceAdapter.

Property: transactionSupport (Transaction Support)
Description Required. Specifies the Transaction Support for this ResourceAdapter.
Default Value NoTransaction
Legal Values NoTransaction, LocalTransaction, XATransaction