Class: com.sybase.djc.connector.AdministeredObjectType (JCA Administered Object Type) EAServer 6.3 Help
Description Defines properties for a JCA (Java Connector Architecture) administered object type. An administered object type is a template for specific administered objects, and holds properties that are common to all administered objects using this type.

See also: Administered Object.

Configuration See Set Properties Task.
Properties administeredObjectClass, administeredObjectInterface, djcClassLoader, resourceAdapter
Files Repository/Instance/com/sybase/djc/connector/AdministeredObjectType/*.properties

Property: administeredObjectClass (Administered Object Class)
Description The fully qualified class name of the Java class for this Administered Object. This represents the implementation class that will be loaded and will have the config-props set on.

Property: administeredObjectInterface (Administered Object Interface)
Description The fully qualified class name of the interface for this Administered Object. This is the interface that will be returned from a JNDI lookup.

Property: config-prop:* (User-defined administered object specific properties)
Description Any property with the name "config-prop:XXX" is used for initialization of the administered object's JavaBean-style property named "XXX".

Property: djcClassLoader (DJC ClassLoader Name:)
Description Name of a configured DJC ClassLoader. used for loading the class impl.

Property: resourceAdapter (Resource Adapter)
Description Required. Name of a configured JCA Resource Adapter. Each administered object type is associated with a particular resource adapter.